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Get to Know Jason Watts

Jason Watts, DMD is a general dentist and founder of Watts Dental in Lithia, FL. Growing up Jason competed in many sports, but it wasn’t until his grandfather past did he compete in his first Triathlon in his honor. Jason’s grandfather ran marathons in Montreal, Canada for a team called “Wolfpack” and Jason started triathlons to continue his legacy.
After years of enjoying triathlons, Jason grew his passion into Ironman’s and in 2017 was asked to assist in a race with a handicap athlete. Upon completion, he knew this was his calling and that day started the Tri Smiles Foundation.

“Life is about Paying-it-forward and giving back. If everyone tried a little harder to do more for others, this world would be even more amazing than it already is”.

You can learn more about Jason Watts, DMD on all avenues of social media, his website www.JasonWatts.com or visit his dental office’s page www.WattsDentalFL.com